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HTPOW Dot Laser Sight Rifle Green Laser Air rifle laser sight
This Laser Sights emits a highly visible intense green / red laser beam constantly and obtain a new level of short/long range laser targeting ability.Dot Laser Sight Rifle is easy to adjust: adjustable windage and elevationProvide clear pionting dot even in daytime and clear laser beam in the dark or low light.The green laser is supposed to be more visible than the red laser in bright lighting conditions because, for the same wattage, green light appears brighter than red light.

Green Red Dot Laser Sight Rifle Description:
Output: Red sight 5mw / Green Sight 20mw
Laser color: green light / red light
Range: 1000 yards
Wavelength: 532nm / 650nm
Size of the corresponding equipment: 11-25mm
Power: 1x 16340 battery
Wavelength stability: 0.2 nm
Aiming accuracy: L5 mrad
Indication stability: L 0.005 mrad
Operating temperature: 10o C ~ 55o C
Operating life: 3000 hours
Power requirements: DC 3V ~ 3.7V
Operating current: 260 mA

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